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Can Technology Revolutionize Trucking?

Can Technology Revolutionize Trucking?

A few technology companies have claimed they’re going to disrupt trucking and transportation. They want to “Uberize” the industry, believe autonomous and electric trucks are the future, or even promise that the right software will flip freight on its head.


Of course, in this age of supply chain uncertainty, manufacturers are listening intently. As they should be. Regardless of whether technology can revolutionize trucking, even gradual improvement would mean significant savings.


But here’s the question: Is an industry as old and complicated as logistics susceptible to a large-scale overhaul?


Andrew Hurst has a unique perspective. An industry veteran, he’s been a leader at Ark Transportation for 14 years, half of them as CEO. In that time, he’s also spun up two technology-enabled startups, Veroot in 2010 and Delivered in 2022. He says the industry is clamoring for new technology­. There have been few advances in the last two or three decades—but he views a complete overhaul largely as a pie in the sky. 

 “I think the biggest impact right now in our supply chain is how efficient you can be with labor management and capacity management,” Hurst says. “That’s where I see the future of logistics going—taking the empty capacity off our roads.”


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