Parcel delivery inspired by efficiency.

Full integrated nationwide parcel ground shipping from your first mile to your last.

Delivered is redefining what it means to be a parcel shipping carrier. Your parcels are our top priority. We've designed a parcel ground shipping process that gives your brand added peace of mind and efficiency.

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How it works hero

Efficiency in parcel shipping is created by removing extra stops, overhead associated with assets, and manual tasks. Fueled by technology tooling to create visibility, more direct routing, and machine learning to continuously improve.

We create parcel shipping solutions

Delivered is a technology platform that uses a rules-based algorithm to stitch together available capacity and a proprietary routing engine to map the most direct route for each leg of the parcel journey.


Over 250+ network facilities and 280,000 delivery drivers work together to bring your brand right to the consumer's door.


More capacity on same day air means less time on the road.


We leverage technology to inform decisions and connect the visibility of a parcel’s end-to-end journey.

Parcel delivery that pulls out all the stops

Instead of multiple handlings after pick-up, we stop once at our robotic-enabled sort centers. This provides incredible flexibility in how quickly we can get your parcels on delivery vans - giving you the cost and speed benefit of cutting out all the extra stops. That way, your brand gets better shipping rates.

It also means fewer miles, fewer conveyor belts, lower risk of damage, and less chance for costly customer returns.

How we work


Flexible capacity

Without the constraints of fixed routes and assets, our asset network is continuously evolving to adapt to changing customer needs. Our parcel shipping network is designed so your business will never receive capacity limits or delays due to a parcel's weight and size.

Without having to acquire trucks, or hire and train employees to manage the assets, Delivered saves not only the associated costs, but speed to market. Get parcel shipping you can trust to get the job done. Get Delivered. 

Easy to switch

We have the ability to integrate with all the partners you know and love, so you don't have to. Whether you're a new business in need of parcel shipping solutions or an established brand looking to switch, Delivered makes the process easy.

How we work

It’s all in the label, we’ll take it from here
  • We ship under one label, Delivered. We own the contract of carriage.
  • After we pick up your delivery, we handle your package all the way to the customers front door.




Brand expectations. Delivered.

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